Module 1

Getting your Module 1
Motorcycle tests are suspended due to COVID 19 restrictions - 11/05/20 
We will inform you as soon as this changes

This off-road element is practiced on the actual DVSA test site in Bangor. Unlike many of our competitors, we are close enough to use this facility to practice, which allows you to become familiar and confident with the layout before your test day.

There are 7 elements to the Module 1 Test, these are:

  • Slow Manoeuvres
    • Manual Handling
    • Slalom & Figure of Eight
    • Slow Ride
    • U-Turn
  • High Speed Manoeuvres
    • Cornering & Controlled Stop
    • Cornering & Emergency Stop
    • Cornering & Hazard Avoidance
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  • Michael Lees
    Neil and Sue are both great instructors, patient,informative and a good laugh.
  • Michael Lees
    Highly recommended instructors, enjoyed every minute. Thank you.
  • Michael Lees
    Awesome service great bikes and top instructor nice guy.